A little about Dobel Supermarket

Roger Kessera


Dobel Supermarket, strategically positioned on the Okuk Highway between Mt Hagen town and Kagamuga airport, brings a touch of shopping convenience to the local community. Affectionately dubbed the ‘ice-cream bus stop’ by locals, it’s easy to understand why—many happy customers leave with a delicious ice cream in hand!

Beyond its playful moniker, Dobel Supermarket provides a secure and enclosed precinct with safe parking, ATMs, and a City Pharmacy operation inside the store. Roger and his dedicated team offer an extensive array of items, including Freezer Wholesale items, Grocery, Fresh Produce, Bakery, and Variety goods. The supermarket’s spacious and clean layout, coupled with the warm smiles of our friendly staff, ensures a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience for all who visit Dobel Supermarket


Trading Hours

Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 6:30pm

Saturday: 7:30am – 5:00pm

Sunday: 7:30am – 5:00pm


Let the reviews speak for themselves​

“A local supermarket just located on the outskirts of Hagen town when heading to the airport or coming from the airport into town. It is owned by the Tininga group of companies and provides a variety of good ranging from groceries to household items and clothing as well. A good place to do your household shopping.”

Paul Vincent
Google Review

“Department Store and contains all necessities your home may need. They have city pharmacy as well to get treated when you are sick. Nice store in Mt. Hagen”

Desmond Igea
Google Review

“I live about 15 mins walk away from the Dobel ,Tininga supermart and it’s a great and convenient place for family shopping..You don’t have to travel all the way into town for shopping. Everything you need from groceries to freezer and department store is in there including pharmacy..Come Check it out for yourself.”

Miriam Harry
Google Review

“I live at Kagamugah airport, and having Tininga just 20mins always from where I live makes shopping so much more convenient. They have ATM’s ,wholesale freezers as well as a City pharmacy which makes shopping alot more easier . Everything in one place.”

Georgina Mariwanjik
Google Review

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