Tininga Ltd

Welcome to Tininga Ltd – Your Ultimate Stop in Western Highlands.

Tininga Ltd proudly offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all your needs. From our retail supermarkets and hardware stores to our wholesale distribution centre and HACCP certified premium small goods butchery and saveloy factory, commercial centralized bakery, and an agricultural arm supplying locally grown fresh produce to Papua New Guinea– we have it all covered.

With a devoted team of over 1200 employees, Tininga has been providing for the Western Highlands and its neighboring provinces for over 18 years. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and community service is evident in the diverse array of services we offer, contributing to the growth of the region.

The essence of our name, “Tininga,” resonates with its meaning in Melpa, symbolizing true ownership and belonging. As we continue to evolve and expand, Tininga maintains its roots in the community, embodying the spirit of “Ours”.

Our Brands

Tininga Wholesale
Highlands Freezer
Highlands Bakery
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