Pat & Margie Duckworth

Owners, Pat & Margie Duckworth

Company Profile

Tininga Limited, a Mount Hagen-based enterprise, stands as a testament to the vision and dedication of its owners, Patrick and Margaret Duckworth. The company’s journey began in May 2005 with the acquisition of two retail stores from Collins and Leahy Ltd.

With an illustrious background in the retail industry spanning four decades, Managing Director Patrick Duckworth, originally from Oldham, England, has dedicated a lifetime to shaping the company’s success, with 40 years of this experience specifically in Papua New Guinea.

Director Margaret Duckworth, a native of Mount Hagen born to Daniel Leahy of pioneering renown and Biam Powa of the Jiga Mugmana tribe, contributes not only her administrative expertise but also actively engages in various community projects. In addition to her responsibilities as a board member of the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority, Margaret plays a crucial role in steering Tininga’s overarching corporate direction.

From its modest beginnings in 2005 with two stores and 80 staff members, Tininga has undergone remarkable growth. As of the beginning of 2023, the company boasts an extensive portfolio, operating four supermarkets, two hardware stores, a wholesale business, four distribution outlets, and a property joint venture with Steamships Trading Company – Hagen Central. The diversified business also includes Hilans Fres, a fresh produce arm supplying Papua New Guinea with high-quality Highlands vegetables, Highlands Butchery, a small goods and meat manufacturing plant, and Highlands Bakery, a centralized commercial bakery catering to the Western Highlands and surrounding provinces. This expansion underscores Tininga’s commitment to meeting diverse market needs and contributing to the economic landscape.

Tininga Limited is not merely a company; it is a dynamic force that has become an integral part of the local community and the broader business landscape, driven by the passion and leadership of Patrick and Margaret Duckworth.

With a workforce surpassing 1020 dedicated individuals, Tininga Limited has established itself as one of the largest companies in Mount Hagen, the dynamic epicenter of the PNG Highlands. At the core of Tininga’s success lies a foundation built on robust relationships with customers, staff, and suppliers, all underpinned by the unwavering commitment to the highest standards of business ethics in every interaction.

Tininga’s ethos extends beyond business transactions — it is deeply rooted in the development and well-being of its staff. The company is dedicated to nurturing talent from within, fostering career paths that lead to senior roles. To fortify this commitment, Tininga is expanding its Human Resources, Training, and Development departments, aiming to empower its workforce with the skills and knowledge necessary for professional growth.

Looking toward the future, Tininga has ambitious growth plans. Building on the 2020 introduction of the Pronto ERP system, the company is actively exploring several projects designed to fuel expansion. These strategic initiatives not only contribute to Tininga’s growth but also open up new career avenues for existing staff and prospective hires. Tininga is not just envisioning a successful business; it is shaping a vibrant and sustainable future for its employees and the communities it serves.