Your Safety is Our Priority

Our COVID-19 Response

Across the business with a team of almost 900 employees and a constant customer flow through all our stores across the Business, we recognise the important role we play as the COVID-19 pandemic increases.

Guided by advice from the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority, Directives from the PNG COVID – 19 Controller and learning from other nations experiences around the world we have adopted proven safety measures and education to safeguard our valued customers, dedicated staff and their families.

Our efforts are focussed on; PPE, Hygiene, Cleaning, Sanitizing and Social Distancing.  

We have increased our cleaning and disinfecting routines throughout our trading day and have employed and trained a team of COVID-19 Officers in each store and Tininga operational unit who carry out the disinfecting of medium and high touch points throughout each premises.

Each Tininga operational unit is then required to conduct a deep clean of the entire premises each night. This includes using a bleach concentrate approved by our Quality Control team to wipe down all surfaces, trolleys, baskets, checkouts, shop floors and common entry points.

Good hygiene is a condition of entry for all customers, team members, contractors and suppliers. It is for this very reason we have a staff member at the entrance of all stores dispensing hand sanitizer into the palm of all entrants.

Another condition of entry is the requirement of face masks by everyone who walks through the entrance of all stores or operational unit. We have supplied disposable and reusable face masks to all our staff and have also provided guidance on how to safely use them.

All the above measures have been put in place to support team and customer health.