On Tuesday 30th June, the above graduates received their BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management through the IEA College of TAFE. This certificate is an internationally recognised qualification, which the graduates should be very proud to have achieved.

Achieving this qualification was no easy feat as the graduates juggled full time manager roles within Tininga and a demanding study schedule. It was however, through their determination, dedication and some guidance from Training & Development Manager, James Nentepa, that they reached the finish line. Head of IEA PNG, Chris Jones commented on how rare it was to have a 100% pass rate in a group, something that the above group was proudly able to achieve- “Leave no man behind” became the groups motto.

During the graduation ceremony, our Managing Director challenged the graduates. to firstly better themselves – wholly and selfishly better themselves in their future careers and in doing so to take the company forward and be the pathfinders for future groups to follow in their footsteps.

Opportunities like the above mentioned IEA TAFE course exist within Tininga for those interested in learning and bettering themselves with education. It is part of Tininga’s commitment to the training and development of leaders and the managers of the future.

Nothing gets done without people, Mr Duckworth concluded.